About Me

In 2003, after 12 years’ service as a UK Police Officer, I developed a local investigation unit dealing with CCTV Evidence. The myriad of recording devices and formats meant that this was a common headache for most investigators…. but I loved it. As time went on I gained experience and knowledge through international training, self-study, personal research and a never ending investigative case-load. I was referred to as ‘the go to guy’ for anything surveillance video related.

Dealing with anything from a homicide to a theft of a chocolate bar, in 2010 I started to share many of my experiences and highlight some of the challenges in video evidence on my personal blog at spreadys.com

My passion and commitment to this unique branch of Digital Forensics resulted in me instructing and developing others in my free time. Not only in the UK but internationally. The laws may be different, but the methodology for the correct acquisition and interpretation of video evidence is the same throughout the world.  Personal competency within this arena is so valuable due to the ease that Video Evidence can be misinterpreted, misused and mismanaged. Individual and organisational development is key in avoiding costly mistakes.

In 2015, after the financially driven closure of the CCTV Unit, I resigned from the police service in order to focus my attention to the development of others and continue my career as a Forensic Video Analyst. Forensicvideo.training was born.

I became a Certified Forensic Video Analyst (LEVA) in November 2015

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