Expert analysis and interpretation is vital in all cases involving video evidence. Video, especially CCTV footage, is no longer the silent witness that can be relied upon without the correct understanding. There is a story behind the images that make up that video. It is my job to understand that story and identify issues that could mislead the viewer and be detrimental to an investigation.

  • Can the original evidence be authenticated?
  • Has the evidence been obtained incorrectly?
  • How does the digital compression affect the image?
  • Has the footage been processed incorrectly?
  • Is there hidden, perhaps contradicting metadata? (Metadata = Data about other data)
  • Has the footage been interpreted incorrectly?

Through the early analysis of video evidence, faster and better decisions can be made that can save time and expense.

  • Video Event Timelines
  • Forensic Image Comparisons
  • Forensic Video Enhancement
  • Digital Image Authentication
  • Digital Multimedia Evidence processing

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